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The ASA Intranet is the platform for all current and former ASA participants. The ASA Intranet can be used for finding friends and like-minded people, participating in current discussions and contributing to ASA developments. We address each other by first name – the standard practice at ASA!

Please note: The ASA-Intranet is only accessible for the following people: ASA-participants, trainees of ASA-office, Participants of advanced training- and Train-the-trainer seminars from ASA network, ASA-Teamer, Lead facilitators and ASA-office stuff.
Current participants are automatically granted access to the ASA Intranet, so there is no need to register here.

For all who haven't engaged in ASA program it is important for to give us more informations about your ASA background. For this, please enter your connection to ASA under ASA project in the field "I have not participated with ASA but I request access to the ASA Intranet because...". Otherwise we're not able to handle your application.

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